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Do you own vacant land that you are interested in selling? Whether you inherited it, purchased it long ago, or are just ready to have it off your hands, we are interested in buying from you.

If you are interested in selling today or in the near future please use the contact form below or leave a voicemail at our phone number: (713) 678-0036.

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Expedition Real Estate LLC is:


No misleading or untrue statements. With our deals, every person in the transaction wins and walks away better than where they started.


Our capital allows us to move quickly and purposefully with deals, with some taking less than 48 hours from initial contact to payment in your bank account.


At Expedition Real Estate LLC we want to conduct ourselves in a professional manner. That means calling back potential sellers quickly, treating everyone with integrity, and holding ourselves to the highest standards of business law and ethics.

About Expedition Real Estate LLC

Expedition Real Estate LLC is a property acquisition and development company that focuses on buying vacant land and turning it into exceptional building developments. That means we build houses, ranches, apartment complexes, commercial offices, or any other type of building!